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Google serving ads based on behavior

March 11, 2009

Google announced that they will begin serving ads based on users surfing behavior today. Finally, the deal with DoubleClick is driving something from Google that will place them in the ad serving space besides AdManager for publishers. Google considers their search ads through AdWords untouchable, and is using the AdSense program for their beta programs.  They also recently announced a beta program for expandable ads through AdSense.

Is this a sign that Google wants to make a bigger play against Yahoo! and their display advertising capabilities which is really their last strong leg? If Google can capture the display market that Yahoo! has built up, I can’t see Yahoo! surving very long and then Google gets the bost of both tactics, which equals $$$. It also will likely raise monopoly concrens.

If this works and survives the privacy complaints, it might be a huge success for bettering search results. If Google can tell what I am interested in generally, they will be able to take that data and add it to algorithms for search results as well as PPC ads.  Overall, this would lead to a better search experience which Google knows is the path to riches.