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Publicis acquires Performics from Google

August 6, 2008

It was announced that Publicis is acquiring Performics from Google to strengthen their search marketing business. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but it is expected that the deal will close in the third quarter. This is the second “deal” that the two companies have done as they created an alliance where work processes and executives would be shared.

Google did not state why they are selling off the Performics search business and said they look forward to working with them as a partner.

Performics will likely fall under the newly created VivaKi group.


Google selling Performics

April 3, 2008

Only three weeks after Google purchased DoubleClick, they are spitting out one of the businesses from the acquisition. Google announced that they will sell Performics which is a search marketing and optimization firm. The reason for the quick sale is to keep other Google customers happy and preserve their trust.

There are no buyers officially lined up yet, but several of Google’s partners have expressed interest in furthering discussions about Performics. Google said they are keeping the affiliate side of Performics which makes sense since Google’s own CPA program in AdWords is suffering.

Seven for All Mankind join Performics affiliate program

March 21, 2008

I think it is interesting to see that a premium designer denim brand is launching an affiliate program. I received the email yesterday from DoubleClick Performics (now Google) introducing the new advertiser in their program. Interesting seeing a brand that is prominently displayed at the likes of Saks and Nordstrom’s using an affiliate channel for online marketing, maybe they have had their time in the sun as the “premium” denim company and True Religion and Rock&Republic have taken over and this is 7’s expansion strategy. Whatever it is, I like the move.

It will be an interesting move for the high end brand to engage in the channel and it will be interesting to follow through Performics and watch the retailers. Personally wouldn’t buy $200 denim online as each pair is different. I have around 6 pairs and each fit different even though they are the same size and fit. Bold move for a premium brand, maybe the economy is affecting the mid-level luxury purchases.

This could pave the way for other premium clothing lines to join the affiliate marketing world and increase direct sales.