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Go Daddy gets Super Bowl ad right!

February 5, 2008

Not only did Go Daddy do their Super Bowl ad well, I said it was a good use of offline mainstream media to drive people to the web on my post Thursday the 31st. The banned “exposed” ad that played on the word beaver, was a a web exclusive ad and they used the approved Super Bowl ad to highlight they had exclusive content on their site. The “banned ad” strategy paid off for Go Daddy. Ad Age reports that they saw 2 million hits on the site during the Super Bowl. I can only imagine how many more yesterday morning as people strolled into work talking about various ads. CEO Parsons said in his blog that traffic 3.5x normal since the ad.

I saw the “beaver” ad and was a little surprised they even tried to get that ad approved, but hey, sex sells. Anyways, I think Go Daddy did a great job of using their $2 million dollar ad to drive people to the web. The numbers this year have blown away the numbers from the previous three years of Super Bowl ads. Parsons says this year has been a smash, amazing results with a fraction of the cost. Last year they had three spots and only drove 500,000 visitors.

This should be a wake up call to advertisers who say driving to the web is not a priority. Many say Super Bowl ads are only for branding, but I would argue there are only a select few brands that can place ads on the Super Bowl only for branding. Brands need to be more strategic with their media spends and make sure they now include an online component. Even my favorite ad, the Tide-to-Go talkingstain ad drove people to