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Initiative has a new buzz – Amphibian

March 5, 2008

The agency Initiative has a new “buzz” word for their client offerings. It’s “Amphibian” which relates to media living in and out of water or online and offline. This is nothing new in the advertising world as several people have discussed media neutrality or media agnostic approaches. When an agency meets with a client, they need to be able to have a knowledge of all media and make recommendations that meets the clients needs.

One problem with that is the traditional agency compensation model is flawed. Shocking! So is the whole pitch process. Seems like the agency model needs to evolve. Anyways, some agencies are so accustomed to media commissions that they struggle to push online or “fringe” media because it is new and different.

I hope this idea of amphibian marketing sticks, as it will bring some credibility back to agencies, but its nothing new. Media plans don’t need to worry about being offline or online, just inline with customer expectations.