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iPhone going forward with Microsoft ActiveSync

March 7, 2008

It looks like Apple is making a major push to compete with Blackberry for the corporate phone user. The iPhone is a great consumer phone and many small business owners can get away with the current email capabilities, but larger companies that rely on exchange servers are not able to use an iPhone. Apple is going to make that all go away and make a big push to get into corporate America.

If this happens, the future of mobile advertising might really take off as businessmen will be able to use the iPhone for corporate email. There have already been cases on the increase in traffic to Google from the iPhone than any other handheld device, now only imagine the increase if businessmen can use the phone. I love my iPhone, I ride public transportation to work and check email, browse the web, and check weather and stocks. Several people have asked me if I like it and say they would love to get one if it worked with their corporate exchange server. Apple has listened and looks like those will be able to use.

The supposed release date for the upgrade to be able to access the Microsoft Exchange Server is in June. I can only imagine the businessmen licking their chops to get an iPhone for work. I bet Google is loving this news as well as it will just increase traffic to the search engine through handheld devices. This might be the crack to really get mobile marketing into full swing.


Product Development through interactive game is brilliant

January 29, 2008

Mountain Dew has moved beyond a special Halo edition drink. They now are in the interactive gaming industry, where individuals can play a game, which ultimately leads to product development. This new kind of consumer research is perfect for companies seeking that elusive male 18-34 market. Rather than put them through focus groups and surveys, why not build an interactive game similar to the type of games which they play anyways, and have them tell you what they like and dislike.

Mountain Dew is using this new form of interactive market research exceptionally well. Results have been so great, they are now looking at launching three new flavors rather than just the original one. That is a large brand extension, and I am just not sure they need that many “Dews” on the market. Its seems like the ones they have launched come and go like Livewire, and Code Red.

In terms of engagement, this site has some phenomenal numbers. Average time on site is 28 minutes, and over 200,000 registered players so far (that’s a great pool for further product research).

Pepsi said they launched the initiative under the assumptions people like to create their own content as well as develop their own products.I give Pepsi a definite A for effort in using UGC for new product development. The “game” will produce three finalists that will be tested in national markets in July, with a winner being launched in November.