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Twitter to replace SMS

February 23, 2009

In a recent post, I briefly mentioned how Twitter poses a large threat to SMS marketing platforms. I found proof today how a company used Twitter to start a campaign and then required the offer to be shown through a SMS message delivered to phone so that it could be redeemed. I understand not everyone has a smartphone, and they utilized Twitter’s SMS feature, but it is close. Companies will continue to see the power of Twitter and use it more and more.

The offer was a free burrito for anyone that showed the message on their phone at the counter. The success was more about the ability of Twitter to “broadcast” offers that people find relevant and think their friends will enjoy rather than mobile marketing. Who wouldn’t want a free burrito and what better way to tell friends then the immediacy of Twitter. Even though they required a text message at the end of the process, it was not done through an SMS platform like Cellit or Hip Cricket. The campaign started with Twitter and ended with Twitter’s SMS capability. A 100% Twitter campaign with great execution. They went from 80 followers to more than 450 in a day.

Twitter poses a significant threat to SMS marketing platforms as the scalability is endless and as of now, there are no costs associated with it. Along with those benefits, Twitter is growing at an enormous rate and no end in sight. SMS marketing platforms still have a few advantages such as privacy, but they need to keep a close eye on Twitter.


Google hedging big bet on mobile

August 20, 2008

Since Google is struggling to monetize YouTube like they thought they could, they are now bankrolling on mobile. Mobile has been a big buzz word for a long time, but since July 11th and the new iPhone the promise of mobile advertising seems to gaining momentum. Other talk that is fueling the momentum is T-Mobile’s inked deal with Google and its mobile platform Android. They are now serving on ads on YouTube when accessed through mobile devices. The test will give valuable insight to how users are consuming online content on their phone.

So now we have a At&T and Apple deal and a T-Mobile and Google deal, is that best for mobile growth? Where will Verizon turn? Seems like the battle will be between Apple and Google and the carriers will just be in the way. Does that lead to the idea that Apple will pull YouTube from the iPhone? Maybe..

iPhone 3g starts future of mobile marketing

July 13, 2008

After watching the line at a local Apple store stay wrapped around the corner of the mall from 8-5:30 when I took off, it supported the claim that July 11th 2008 will be a big day in the future of mobile marketing. Phones must now compete in the sub-$200 market as the iPhone has set the bar. I understand it’s $400 for certain scenarios, but most people will qualify for the subsidized rate of $200.

This means that the adoption rate of smartphones will dramatically increase the advancement in mobile marketing. It may be applications, widgets residing on the phone, or bluetooth proximity marketing finally being successful in the US. I am not certain which way the trend will go, but I am certain that July 11th 2008 was a very important day for the future of mobile marketing.

iPhone going forward with Microsoft ActiveSync

March 7, 2008

It looks like Apple is making a major push to compete with Blackberry for the corporate phone user. The iPhone is a great consumer phone and many small business owners can get away with the current email capabilities, but larger companies that rely on exchange servers are not able to use an iPhone. Apple is going to make that all go away and make a big push to get into corporate America.

If this happens, the future of mobile advertising might really take off as businessmen will be able to use the iPhone for corporate email. There have already been cases on the increase in traffic to Google from the iPhone than any other handheld device, now only imagine the increase if businessmen can use the phone. I love my iPhone, I ride public transportation to work and check email, browse the web, and check weather and stocks. Several people have asked me if I like it and say they would love to get one if it worked with their corporate exchange server. Apple has listened and looks like those will be able to use.

The supposed release date for the upgrade to be able to access the Microsoft Exchange Server is in June. I can only imagine the businessmen licking their chops to get an iPhone for work. I bet Google is loving this news as well as it will just increase traffic to the search engine through handheld devices. This might be the crack to really get mobile marketing into full swing.