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Google is coolest 10 year old in world

September 8, 2008

Google is now in double digits. Google had it’s 10th anniversary recently and what a journey they have been on. The term “Google” and  is now a verb, you can buy radio and TV through their AdWords platform, free web tools include Google Analytics and Site Optimizer. The list could go on and on which is awfully impressive for a 10 year old company. The big question is, where will it go?

There is talk that they will be more aggressive in the TV advertising space since it still holds the largest ad $$. Will it use the acquisition of DoubleClick and offer a free ad serving solution to capture more details and data about the display advertising space? The answer resides in Mountain View CA.

Google just launched their own web browser and so far so good. Most comments are positive and people are happy with Chrome. One set back that Google might face is Android, their mobile operating system. Several analysts are predicting that the launch of the platform will not have nearly the buzz or success of the iPhone. 

So as Google heads to the tweens and teens, it will be interesting to see where the web giant heads. Overall, it has been an impressive 10 years and I look forward to seeing what comes in the next decade from Mountain View.


Google launches Chrome

September 2, 2008

Google launched another weapon of mass destruction today, Chrome. Chrome is their new Internet browser which is there next step at taking more control of the Internet from Microsoft. Although I am not a huge fan of their logo, the browser is pretty nice. It seems to be faster than IE, less “cluttered” feeling and I like being able to type a search query in the address bar.

I think this a big win for the big G for the less sophisticated Internet browser. It makes it so easy to do things. Opening a new tab shows most visited pages, once again, big plus for the casual browser. They even have the “incognito” window which blocks cookies and addresses the privacy issue that IE8 is pushing.

Overall, it appears to be a good launch for Google and the next step towards online domination.