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Some Credit to, but media waste too

April 1, 2009 must be doing a behavioral targeting campaign since I am constantly seeing ads promoting ManU kits and the latest boots. I recently went to a soccer site to see when the Chelsea vs. Liverpool Champions League matches were, so I am guessing that is what started the “targeting”. It’s better to see ads that are relevant to my interests than dancing people and “go back to school” ads constantly.

Now, there comes a point when it’s too much. I can’t tell you how many soccer ads I have seen today. To me, there is a diminishing return on this campaign and it has reached that point. If they are using multiple networks, which I assume they are, that’s great to get some more sites, but BANNER burnout occurs much faster. I am guessing they did not net down the sites so that each network have exclusive inventory, even though all say they do, it’s such a small portion. So here I am seeing the same ad over and over.

Ad networks are a great way to target individuals online, after all, they allow marketers to target the user, not the site. That being said, marketers must be careful about over using them and actually doing more harm  than good to their name. Marketers must look at using multiple networks simultaneously carefully, so they don’t waste media spend and annoy their potential customer. Or flight the networks on a trial to see which ones work the best then move forward with a select few or one. Or use a third-party ad server which helps eliminate the issue completely.

I give credit for targeting me as a consumer, but have a sneaky suspicion they are wasting a fare share of their media budget by utilizing multiple networks and not being able to cap overall impressions to an individual user.


Behavioral Targeted ATM transaction

January 19, 2009

I had a pleasant experience recently at a Wells Fargo ATM. They have begun behaviorally targeting customers who use their ATM’s. It was so nice to insert my card and the first option on the screen was to deposit a check to my checking account. Rather than have to click three of four times to get there, it was one click away. I see this as a big step in the financial industry, making it easier to transact personal business. 

The web has this capability as well, but I have yet to see it happen in the financial services category. I only have a Wells account and one other checking/savings account so it may be available through larger institutions like Bank of America or Chase. Imagine logging in and seeing the results that you look at the most. Wouldn’t that make banking so much easier. Log in and see all transactions, or see all income or whatever you would like to see based off your previous experiences.

I am sure people would raise a hand or two about privacy, but in the end of the day it’s behind a secure login and they aren’t doing anything with the data other than presenting it in a more usable format. At the end of the day, its’ better for the user. I saw the behavioral targeting of the ATM in a similar manner, until I realized it made it much easier for me to transact and leave.

Chalk up a win for behavioral targeting and the financial services industry and let it continue to the web.