Ad networks creating network building tools for publishers

It’s the first day of ad:tech 09 in San Francisco, and so far it looks like the reports coming out are dealing with a common theme. How can publishers get in on the ad network game themselves, not just relying on using them for remnant inventory. Publishers are realizing that the times have changed and media consumption has shifted to the long tail of niche sites and visits to “destination” sites are starting to decline. That is a big blow to the only revenue model most sites have, advertising.

Publishers are looking at ways to get those visits back under their umbrella of monetization. How else, but networks. As a business person, it makes a lot of sense. Aggregate content and make it easier to access the mass of niches that said publishers can access. As a media person, the last thing I want to see is more networks. There are so many networks out there already and very few can actually differentiate themselves. 

That being said, vertical/niche networks have their space in the media buying world and it will be fascinating to see if the “mass of niches” can compete with the large networks like Value Click and Platform A. Advertisers are looking to access the niches in a cost effective manner, and networks are a great way to do just that. Overall, this should help online marketing reach individuals in a more targeted manner.


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  1. siva123 Says:

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