TV and Social Media integration

As American Idol season 8 finally gets going (I couldn’t stand the new format the first few weeks) and we are down to the final 12 contestants, it has been interesting to watch trends on Twitter for Idol. People are not using Twitter to discuss the latest performance, outfit or comment as I suspected. This may be because the Twitter base does not care about American Idol, which I could completely understand. However, American Idol was the first show to really become “interactive” with the fans using SMS voting.

Twitter provides so much more than a short-code keyword combo for voting. Fans could talk about their favorite artists and how they want to see them next week. Each artist would have their own hashtag and Tweets would be tracked for a certain period of time. All comments might not be positive, so it’s possible groups like Vote For The Worst could try and game the system, but who cares. They can game the call logs and SMS messages.

Social media allows conversations to happen between like minded individuals. I may join a conversation with a group of people in California who love Megan Joy Corkrey just as I hear people here in Utah. After all, common interests are the new demographics. 

It will be interesting to see what the first major TV show is to incorporate Twitter besides news and talk shows. Social media is so easy and provides such a richer user experience. It might actually help decrease time-shifting as people want to be current and increase their “social currency”. To gain social currency, content must be relevant and timely. Users will have to watch “live” shows and watch the dreaded COMMERCIAL to be current in the socialsphere.

Come on Idol, be another first. Integrate with social media for voting and get the Groundswell going.


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