Twitter to replace SMS

In a recent post, I briefly mentioned how Twitter poses a large threat to SMS marketing platforms. I found proof today how a company used Twitter to start a campaign and then required the offer to be shown through a SMS message delivered to phone so that it could be redeemed. I understand not everyone has a smartphone, and they utilized Twitter’s SMS feature, but it is close. Companies will continue to see the power of Twitter and use it more and more.

The offer was a free burrito for anyone that showed the message on their phone at the counter. The success was more about the ability of Twitter to “broadcast” offers that people find relevant and think their friends will enjoy rather than mobile marketing. Who wouldn’t want a free burrito and what better way to tell friends then the immediacy of Twitter. Even though they required a text message at the end of the process, it was not done through an SMS platform like Cellit or Hip Cricket. The campaign started with Twitter and ended with Twitter’s SMS capability. A 100% Twitter campaign with great execution. They went from 80 followers to more than 450 in a day.

Twitter poses a significant threat to SMS marketing platforms as the scalability is endless and as of now, there are no costs associated with it. Along with those benefits, Twitter is growing at an enormous rate and no end in sight. SMS marketing platforms still have a few advantages such as privacy, but they need to keep a close eye on Twitter.


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