Start the conversation with a big seed

It seems there is a lot of buzz about Twitter and that it has finally been accepted in certain groups and hashtagging is a great way to see what people are talking about. I recently enjoyed a Monday night in front of my computer using TweetGrid monitoring #journchat and starting micro-conversations amongst the overall larger conversation. It was great.

I recently read Bill Tancer’s “Click” which is a phenomenal read about interesting trends found through Internet data and it rmeinded me of the Pontiac campaign a few years ago. The call to action was not “go to” instead, it was “Google Pontiac”. That was a huge risk at the time. They were the first brand to utilize traditional mass media to drive people to Google rather than a corporate site. They also had to increase the cost of the campaign for the PPC tactics as well as feel confident about organic results. “Click” reports that only Mazda utilized this for their benefit as well and bid on Pontiac. That was a few years ago. 

Today, I am wondering who will be the first major brand to start the conversation on Twitter and monitor results through the conversations. This is based on the premise of “big seed marketing” where you merge viral and mass media to increase the opportunities for the message to spread.  I can’t see why a brand would not want to try this approach. It shows they understand their consumers and where they are talking. Lets face it, people are talking through social media whether a brand monitors it or not. It might not be brand specific since it’s tough in 140 characters, but products and categories for sure. So as I watch various trends start on Twitter such as #journchat and #followfriday, I am looking forward to the first brand pushing traffic to Twitter to start the conversation. 

Depending on the continual increase in smartphone adoption, this may give mobile SMS marketing a very short shelf life. Why pay for SMS messages when you can communicate for free through Twitter? Start the conversation.


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