Online media data collection hits New York Times

There is an article today in the New York Times about online media and how they capture data. I think it is a little late in the game, as many people already know about cookies and online data collection. There is an interesting debate about these procedures as well, there are those that say it invades privacy and there are those that say its better for the consumer as ads will be more relevant.

Either way, its nothing really new. As the Behavioral Targeting Standards Consortium has their first meeting next week, the policies of behavioral targeting are really just revisiting the standards of direct marketing. Since I have worked in direct mail and direct marketing, the online data capturing is really just a glorified direct marketing approach.

The NYT article talks about deals being based around the data, well isn’t list selection from the old direct mail days about data and selects? I really wish this issue of privacy would answered and we could move on to make online marketing more affective and accepted. Unfortunately, I think the article in the New York Times will scare more people away, than let them understand actually what is happening.

Like Mark Zuckerberg said, unfortunately companies need to sell ads to be supported. Consumers either need to let ads run, or start paying.


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